We are Jane and Zoe, owners of
Box & Castle.
As experienced retailers with individual brands our partnership came about through a mutual friend who said many times ‘you should meet each other- you’d get on like a house on fire.’ So we met and sure enough we did!
Then one fine day …
an opportunity arose...
A retail space in a top location, next to the best café in the village became available…. Pounce! It was ours.
Box and Castle was born. A collection of our existing brands with the addition of new lines.
We are constantly searching for the perfect gifts, homewares and clothing.
Things you want to keep forever, not just this season. 
We opened the doors during Greater Sydney lockdown in early August 2021 to our lovely locals and have been so warmly welcomed and received.
Since then of course the whole of NSW has been locked down and we whizz banged and put this website together so we could continue to serve you all and keep that momentum going.
Hoping to welcome you instore soon but until then online,
Jane Kooros and Zoe Waters xx